lunedì 6 luglio 2015

AZULPortfolio: The Messenger of the Gods (Post 2)

Outfit : a) -AZUL- K'aalogii /Sugilite (Limited_creationJP) @ SOU by CreationJP
AZUL- K'aalogii Collar /Sugilite, -AZUL- K'aalogii MeshDress S/Sugilite, -AZUL- K'aalogii Skirt attachments
b) -AZUL- Abigail Barrette(NonBright) used as a brooch
AZUL- Abigail ChainBelt(NonBright)
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Accessories : !:Lybra:! ~ Tay Helmet @ Event@1ST
!:Lybra:!!Angela Wings

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