lunedì 27 luglio 2015

AZULPortfolio: Hope (Post 9)

With this post, I want to  homage  Azul that was the first brand to choose  me as a blogger. 
For this occasion,  I made a mix and match 
with two beautiful creations of Azul, dated  2011 and 2012.
Thank you dear Mami for your beautiful creations!

Outfit : -AZUL- Kathe/Christmas Limited 2011 : Top , Pants, Sleeves, Skirt
-AZUL- Olga /Pearl (2012 Dec) : Attachment Shoulder and skirt
Accessories : AZUL- Sophie Flower HeadDress1 /Fashion For Change

        Azul on MarketPlace
               Azul on Flick ( Releases)
             Azul on Flick ( Group )
   Azul on Pinterest
 Azul on Twitter

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