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T O W Show Invite by Solo Evane 31th

T O W Show Invite by Solo Evane 31th

Solo Evane Model Agency is proud to present on October 31 th , 1.30 pm the best designers of SL on the stage of the Bosl Country Club : the TOW Show to support Tolerance is the only way.
Come and support us :-)
Than you to Magissa Denver for this wonderful logo
Taxi for the show:
Taxi for TOW Shop Area :

Female Models

Anabella Ravinelli
Amalia Foxtrot
AnnaG Pfeffer
Arialee Miles
Betty Draesia
Caoimhe Lionherat+
Chirzaka Vlodivic
Cristal Males
Ellendir Khandr+
Katherine Comet
Gig1 Resident
Ivyana Szondi
Natzuka Miliandrovic
Ponchituti Boucher+
Sequoia Nightfire
Shena Neox+
Sweetalicous Starsider
Zoeanastasia Aeon
Wicca Merlin

Male Models

Ayrton Radikal
Liam Netizen

Show director: Ellendir Khandr
Fashion Director and cue: Draakje Dailey
Script: Lissabel Lorefield
DJ: BigJohn Troglodite
Hostess: Genevieve Kamala
A big thank you to Frolic Mills for the Bosl Country Club Location, and to Shena, Ponchi & Angels.

IMPORTANT: this is just a quick reminder for designers, models and people you want to invite on October 31 1.30 pm for the TOW event by Solo Evane at Country Club.
As you may know, due to the problems we had with some stalkers and copybotter the BOSL team decided to restrict their events. So, you have to take the BOSL EVENT group if you want to take a part of the TOW shows and you have to ask for it to Ponchituti Boucher. She will send it to you asap.

Thank you so much as always !

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