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Solo Evane Mix and Match Contest 2012

Solo Evane Mix and Match Contest 2012 by Ellendir Khandr MMV 2012 Miss Costa Rica
Solo Evane Mix and Match Contest 2012

What is it?

Do you always style to the nines between different designer’s to create a one of a kind look? Is styling uniquely your claim to fame? Then the SoloEvane Model Agency with the help of our sponsors Blacklace, Chop Zuey, Gizza, Les Petits Details *LpD*, and *SoliDea FoliEs* are sponsoring a grid wide Mix and Match modeling contest and model search. Men? You are strongly encouraged to participate. For the first round you will need to create your unique style using the above five designers. Don’t stay with one, use as many as you can, because the contest is about blending to create outfits that are uniquely YOU.

The SoloEvane Mix and Match Contest 2012 has two stages.
First stage is to style your unique look and send the picture. Second stage is a live walk off in front of the judges and audience.

When is it?

On June 17th 2012 at midnight SLT, we will close the contest to new submissions of pictures and our sponsors and Solo Evane executives will choose the finalists for the final round of the event which will be held on June 24th 2012.
Who wins it and Whats in it for you?

At the final event, from this group of finalist, the sponsors will choose the Top three models, and the prizes will be awarded on ranking:
- First Place: 12500 L$ in cash and giftcards from our sponsors and will be invited to join the Solo Evane Modeling Agency.
- Second Place: 7500 L$ in cash and giftcards from our sponsors.
- Third Place: 5000 L$ in cash and giftcards from our sponsors.
The Rules:

1. Use any pieces you like from within the inventories of Blacklace, ChopZuey, Gizza, *LpD*, and *SoliDea FoliEs* with a minimum of 3 designers items, but the more the better!

2. Create a look that is uniquely YOU. The emphasis on this contest is to create an exciting new outfit that will be one of a kind.

3. A professional photo isn’t necessary but simple snapshot should show a good view of the different elements of the outfit, however all professionally edited photos are welcomed.

4. You must add a styling notecard, this is a card that tells us what you are wearing by piece from the designers.

5. Please use a Notecard titled ” Solo Evane, Mix and Match Contest- AV Name ” , add your photo and styling card and return it to Draakje Dailey directly. She will confirm she has received it, if you do not get a confirmation IM within 24 hours, then please resend it.

6. Photos are due by Midnight SLT June 17th, and the Finalist will be announced by 9AM SLT June 19. The Solo Evane team has the right to disqualify any entrant at their discretion.

7. Be creative, show us how you push yourself to super model status, and style outside of the box. We do ask you to keep the nudity down; this contest is, in the end, about the designs of our sponsors.
The Judging criteria:

1. How creative are you?
2. Did you elevate your styling to the next level by including elements of several designers?
3. Is your picture viewable and understandable?
4. Very important, did you follow the rules?
We wish you all Good Luck and most of all, this event is supposed to be about being creative and having FUN!! A new way to kick off the summer!

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