domenica 3 giugno 2012

ASHRAYA PROJECT: only one day! & New release by sYs, blackLiquid & Bizarre hair

Ashraya Project tomorrow will close!
I wanna show you the beautiful creation of Analee Balut called Alb Sally for Ahsraya Project.
This outfit comes with shoes and jewels.

It's time of new release!
I wanna start with the nails of BlackLiquid called blackLiquid NAILS - orbital tangerine. The colour of these nails is simply fantastic!
And now I wanna show you the new skin by sYs called Kelis . For this photo I choose [sYs] KELIS Skin (pale) - shaved HB with the new hair by Bizarre Hair called [Bizarre Hair] "Queen of The Lions".
To complete my make I choose: blackLiquid MAKEUP - orange fizz matte & blackLiquid MAKEUP - tangerine dream matte

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