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Blood Elf: second challenge of Miss Mundo Virtual 2012

Model : Ellendir Khandr Photo by Mario Greenberg

Second Challenge Miss Mundo Virtual 2012
The theme was: VideoGame Heroine.
I choose Blood Elf . 
The blood elves, or sin'dorei, are a race of World of Warcraft created by Blizzard Entertainment.
The blood elves share the physical aspect in most of the high elves, the difference is in the eyes that shine with light green, typical of the demon fire, instead of blue as the high elves.
   The culture of the blood elves are far from the high elves. Items that are usually black or scarlet used less frequently, in memory of those killed during the Third War. Even fields of study of magic have become more diversified and concentrated high elves on the ice and water, the blood elves in particular the study of fire magic and arcane.
The  favored weapon is the sword and magic to attack the powerful currents using the evil green energy: the energy of chaos.
Style Card:
All colours of these outfit  and attachments are edit by me

- -Glam Affair - Amelie skin - Contessa BL HB
- [LeLutka]-YIPPIE hair - Sweeden
- !*Lubbily*!GreenGlowEyes
- Chrysalis - Elven Queen - Ears
Make- up:
- Ryu, Hokusai +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Eyes Light by Fallens Gods Ink
- ::: B@R ::: Tatsu Armor BR Lady Red Jacket
- ::: B@R ::: Fellblade Lady Jacket
- ::: B@R ::: Tatsu Armor BR Lady Red Shirt
- ::: B@R ::: Tatsu Armor BR Lady Red Gloves
- ::: B@R ::: Fellblade Lady Pants
::: B@R ::: Power Diamond Lady  ForeArms
::: B@R ::: Fellblade Lady backDeco
::: B@R ::: Tatsu Armor BR Lady Red Collar
::: B@R ::: Tatsu Armor BR Lady Red  Shoulders
::: B@R ::: Tatsu Armor BR Lady Red  UpperArms
::: B@R ::: Tatsu Armor BR Lady Red Size 50 Top
::: B@R ::: Fellblade Lady Pelvis & bottom
- eXxEsS : OBLIVION - spine ornament
- eXxEsS : OBLIVION  head ornament
- [ROSAL] VIRON-M Thigh Boots - Red - Mesh
- Inanna - Belt - by Tekeli
- Bloodlight Daggers - by Tekeli

The Blood Elf 's Characther.
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