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20000 Leagues under the sea: 3th Challenge of Miss Mundo Virtual 2012

Model : Ellendir Khandr  Photo by Mario Greenberg

For this third challenge ofMiss Mundo  Virtual 2012  we had to choose a work or a character from a book by Wells or Verne.
I choose to interpret 20000 Leagues Under the Sea.
20000 Leagues Under the Sea  is one of the most popular novels of  Jules Verne (1828-1905) , and is  the second installment of a trilogy that began with The Children of Captain Grant and ends with the Mysterious Island.
The story is set in the period after the Civil War, and follows the adventures of the protagonists aboard the submarine Nautilus, built and operated in secret by the mysterious Captain Nemo.
What appears as a mysterious sea monster sinks the ship encountered along its path.
Pierre Aronnax, Professor naturalist at the Museum of Natural History in Paris, famous for having published a book on marine life, is called to take part in the expedition that would definitely leave the seas by the monster.
After months at sea, the ship of  Arronnax be going up against the monster, but.... it's not a monster it's  the Nautilus, and the ship  sinks.
Captain Nemo welcomes Arronax and two of his friends on the Nautilus and begins a journey filled with danger and exciting adventures.
In particular I wanted to represent the moment when the Nautilus is besieged by giant squid, escaping after a bitter struggle with the terrible creatures.
This is the result!
Style card:

Battleship hair silver with hair base by Vita's Boudoir
-Glam Affair- Gio Light - Orchid BL
* [sYs] NAUTILUS - shirt 2
*Chrysalis - Heartache - Pants
* [sYs] NAUTILUS - armbands
*[sYs] NAUTILUS - body
* [sYs] NAUTILUS - collar
*Chrysalis - Heartache - Collar
* Chrysalis - Heartache - Sculpted skirt
* Pearl of the Sea Gown Set- Flowing Train-Soft Glow- Skirt by TWA
* Nautilus 2 by Z (custom object created by Zandy Oh)
*Chrysalis - Heartache - Tentacle Hat
* Natilust Hair Clip , attached to the collar
* :: PM :: Lorelei Mermaid Outfit in Purple Bubbles Emitter -wear
* Finesmith Nails shape2  size 10- Blue SERIES
*Chrysalis - Heartache - Shoes

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