martedì 10 aprile 2012

WomenStuff: Designer Spotlight of April

Womenstuff : Designer Spotlight of  April
Exclusive gift:
Skin: Kyxe - Tropical Flowers Makeup - Wood Tone 
( WomenStuff ) 
Dress: KIM- Womenstuff Exclusive Gift-Possibly Mini Dresses in brown & in green (in the photo in brown)

Style Card:
Hair: Vanity Hair: Coliseum HP-Silver with hairbase
Jewels and shoes: Riri Inspiration by Finesmith (NEW!) - xFINESMITH - Riri Cape, xFINESMITH - Riri Fog Earrings, headpiece, necklace, neckpiece,xFINESMITH - Riri Robe Necklace

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