lunedì 23 aprile 2012

Fashion at the beach: Prism , Finesmith & blackLiquid

Fashion at the beach: Prism , blackLiquid & Finesmith
Outfit: Prism Yoko MESH Outfit by Journey in Monsoon - New!
Jewels:  Finesmith Mohar Gold set- New!
Hair: ::Exile:: Dandy:Sable
Glasses: [ glow ] studio - Crazy Spring Sunglasses
Skin: [BLUSH] Bessie Skin Light Tan - Nude
Make-up: blackLiquid MAKEUP - hot pink gloss - New!

3 commenti:

  1. That is just beautiful Ellendir. You look gorgeous! Thank you for featuring Prism's Yoko outfit. I just love the photos. <3 Journey

  2. Tyvm my dear this outfit is stunning !

  3. You look beautiful - thank you so much!