venerdì 20 maggio 2016

My Hestro-Look: BlackLace, Exxess,IT (WLTB & SWANK),Dolome (SWANK)

~Blacklace Lounge~ Princesse Maia: Pink Mesh Fairy Set 
 Blacklace has a sister store called Blacklace Lounge.  It is collaboration store between Erielle Deschanel and Mariska Simons.  All content is 100% original mesh and textures.

We were delighted to be invited at the Enchantment Event so this is our new release for the Thumbalina Themed Event @ Enchantment.
eXxEsS : Vanilla "Breeze" ( in the first photo)

!IT! - Fey Berries Set @ SWANK (WLTB)
Prop: Dolome Designs Planting Time Garden @ SWANK

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