lunedì 22 giugno 2015

Azul Finalist Challenge : my mix and match

a) Outfit : 1) -AZUL- Abigail /Garnet: -AZUL- Abigail MeshDress S/Garnet 
b) Attachment : 
1) -AZUL- Abigail Skirt(R) /Garnet, -AZUL- Abigail Skirt(L) /Garnet 
2) -AZUL- Mio train/Garnet edited and modified by me
3) -AZUL- Jeanie Flower ornaments edited and modified by me petal by petal for each flower
b) Jewels : FINESMITH SACRED set 
c) Make up:  blackLiquid MAKEUP - blood loveheart gloss 1 with {MUA} Eyeshadow Pack - Magnetic - Smoke
d) Hair : Vanity Hair: Ennui

Description of the outfit : 
My outfit consists of the colors red and silver, with a touch of white. The Red reflects my passion for life, vitality, strength and determination. The Silver scales the explosion of red, reflects my meditative side, sensitivity, spirituality....the reason that contains and balances the emotions.
The touch of white, represented by the flying doves, balances the aura and gives energy, protection, encouragement, inspiration. My accessories are all inspired by flowers that I love deeply. For me, they symbolize the woman in her beauty, elegance and sensuality and when I wear an outfit by Azul I feel this way.

Thank you to Mami Jewell , to Chloe Electra and all the judges <3

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