lunedì 8 aprile 2013

Milan Fashion Week with Evolve & new release by Finesmith & blackLiquid

Designer: Evolve 
April 11, 1.00 pm : – Evolve – Show
Show director : Shena Neox
DJ : CottonCandy Teardrop

Style Card: Outfit: United Marant by Evolve
Shoes: [AHN-JI] "SHAORI" BASIC ORANGE - sponsor for the shoes

The Milan Fashion Week by Solo Evane will run on April 10 – 14 with great designers: Lady Thera, Evolve, Solidea Folies, AD Creations, and Morea Style.
Lady Thera & Solidea Folies will present a new collection on our stage ! . AD Creations , Morea Style & Evolve will create 5 exclusive outfits for this event.

New Release by blackLiquid: blackLiquid MAKEUP - Cinq emerald

 Designer : Evolve -  Baroque Evolve Mimmi Dress
Shoes:[AHN-JI] "MAY II" RED - Sponsor of the shoes

New Release by Finesmith: FINESMITH SHAME Set.

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