venerdì 27 luglio 2012

Hope for Emilia: Celestinas Wedding, White Widow and Chop Zhuey

At this fair, each of the many talented designers supporting this worthy cause has agreed to offer one or more exclusive items. The full proceeds of the sales of the exclusive items will be donated to assist the citizens whose lives were affected by the earthquakes in Emilia.  
For this post  I choose:

Outfit: .:(CW):. Celestinas Muse Love BLACK BOX!!! 
Make-up: [White~Widow - Face Tattoo] Paon
Jewels: Chop Zuey Mignonette Set 

Style Card:

Skin: Glam Affair- Leah MedTan - Spring Breeze BL HB
Hair:Vanity Hair:Chiffon HP-Blonde

Click here to know the url of your favourtite brands at Hope for Emilia

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